Student Handbook

Schoolwide Expectations

Elmhurst Schoolwide Expectations









  • Remain seated.
  • Keep the aisle clear.
  • Level 0 voice at RR crossing.
  • Keep food in backpack.
  • Be on time.
  • Keep items on my lap.
  • Be honest.
  • Take all belongings.
  • Leave no trace.
  • Follow directions.
  • Level 1 voice - whisper
  • Share the seat.
  • Use appropriate language.




  • Walk, facing forward.
  • Hands to side or (twid- dling) in front/in back of torso
  • Always stay to the right.
  • Go straight to my destination.
  • Carry a hall pass if I’m not with an adult.
  • Level Zero voice – No talking
  • Follow adult directions.
  • Respect other’s personal space.




  • Walk, facing forward.
  • Stay Seated.
  • Eat only my food.
  • Both hands on my tray.
  • Take care of my own garbage.
  • Get permission to leave.
  • Keep food in my space.
  • Level Zero voice while eating; Level 1 when done.
  • Use polite manners.
  • Follow adult directions.
  • Respect other’s space.




  • Walk
  • Four chair legs on the floor.
  • Feet on the floor.
  • Use materials safely.
  • Follow directions the 1st time.
  • Take care of materials.
  • Be ready to learn.
  • Ask for help when needed.
  • Be honest.
  • Use voice level given by my teacher.
  • Use kind words.
  • Share materials.
  • Help others.
  • Listen when others are talking.




  • Walk
  • Keep the floor dry.
  • Wash hands for 30 sec- onds (with soap).
  • Use what I need (1 push of soap and 2 pushes of towel).
  • Report any problems to an adult.
  • Level Zero voice.
  • Follow adult directions.
  • Respect privacy.
  • One person to a stall.





  • Follow playground rules.
  • Report concerns to an adult.
  • Use equipment safely.
  • Stop if I hear a whistle.
  • Stay in the fenced area.
  • Take care of equipment.
  • Line up when recess is over.
  • Watch out for others.
  • Follow game rules.
  • Be honest.
  • Put equipment away.
  • Take turn on the equipment.
  • Honor other’s space.
  • Language. Keep it clean.
  • Be nice to others.
  • Follow the directions of adults.



  • Follow directions.
  • Stay with your class.
  • Be silent when asked.
  • Listen to the presenter.
  • Clap when appropriate.
  • Sit quietly in your space - criss-cross.
  • Honor others’ space.

School Information and Schedule

School Information

School Hours

Office Hours                                         8:30-4:30

Breakfast                                             9:15-9:30

School Day                                          9:35-4:05

Early Release (90 min)                        9:35-2:35

Half Day                                               9:35-12:35

General Expectations

General Expectations - How An Eagle S.O.A.R.s

We believe that all students are capable of success. To be successful, all students need to know what is expected. Therefore, expectations for all areas of the building are shared with students and practiced throughout the year. Positive behaviors are encouraged and reinforced. When students have difficulty following expectations, staff will help them resolve problems, review expectations and provide more opportunities to practice. Corrections and/or restitution are used to help students make better choices in the future.

At Elmhurst, we S.O.A.R. by practicing every day

S=    Safety…we keep our hands to ourselves at all times

O=    Ownership...we own are actions and strive to make strong choices

A=     Achievement…we work hard all day

R=     Respect…we use kind words and actions


Voice Levels

Zero:              Silent Voice. Quiet, no talking.

Level 1:         Whisper Voice. Speak softly so only your neighbor can hear you.

Level 2:         Conversation Voice. Speak loud enough for your group to hear you, but not the whole room.

Level 3:         Special Voice. Presenting in a loud, clear voice that the whole room can hear.