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Elmhurst Elementary Library, home of the Reading Eagles! 

The Elmhurst Library is a learning space shared by all- students, staff, and community. Students engage in learning projects, implemented by a certificated teacher, which are based on the Washington State Technology Standards. Lessons are taught through access to online programming, a variety of research tools, and Microsoft Office programs. Staff and community members utilize the space for meetings and presentations, as well as for our bi-annual Scholastic Book Fair run by our PTA.

Our library consists of 10, 400 titles for students to choose from. We have started a renewal process with our non-fiction section- getting rid of battered and seriously out of date books (many from the 1950s and 60s!) and beginning the purchase of new, up to date non-fiction for our students. We also added an additional 5 book cases to better display and hold our new non-fiction selection, making it easier for students to find what they need.

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New Foreign Language Books!

We received a grant allowing us to purchase authentic publications in Spanish, Cambodian, and Ukrainian and Russian. They have been placed on their own shelves in the library and are ready to for students to check out!