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Elmhurst Elementary Library, home of the Reading Eagles! 

The Elmhurst Library is a learning space shared by all- students, staff, and community. Students engage in learning projects, implemented by a certificated teacher, which are based on the Washington State Technology Standards. Lessons are taught through access to online programming, a variety of research tools, and Microsoft Office programs. Staff and community members utilize the space for meetings and presentations, as well as for our bi-annual Scholastic Book Fair run by our PTA.

Our library consists of 10, 400 titles for students to choose from. We have started a renewal process with our non-fiction section- getting rid of battered and seriously out of date books (many from the 1950s and 60s!) and beginning the purchase of new, up to date non-fiction for our students. We also added an additional 5 book cases to better display and hold our new non-fiction selection, making it easier for students to find what they need.

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